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This division combines advanced expertise in physiology, cell biology and microbiology, synergizing this knowledge with the constant integration of new techniques and technologies. The scope of our research is not limited to the biocompatibility of medical devices, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, but also extends to guaranteeing microbiological safety.

This approach enables us to anticipate technological developments by designing innovative solutions. We are committed to the creation and implementation of ever more advanced methods, contributing to the constant improvement in quality, efficacy and safety of the products we research.

With our commitment to scientific excellence, we continue our quest for research and innovation. Our ambition is to shape the future by offering solutions that meet the current and future needs of the medical, chemical and cosmetics industries.

The Icare Group places innovation at the heart of its mission, pursuing two fundamental priority objectives:

1. Development of alternative methods in accordance with the 3R rule (Replacement, Reduction, Refinement) for assessing the biocompatibility of Medical Devices:

In our constant quest for improvement, we are committed to exploring and implementing innovative methods in line with the 3R principles. Replacement, reduction and refinement guide our approach, enabling more ethical, efficient and accurate biocompatibility assessment of medical devices.

2. Optimizing microbiological safety :

Microbiological safety is at the epicentre of our concerns. We aim to raise standards by developing advanced approaches and cutting-edge technologies to guarantee microbiological safety in a variety of fields, from medical devices to chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

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Our methodological approach to innovation is based on several key foundations:

  • Internal programs
  • National and international multidisciplinary collaborations
  • Strategic technological developments

    By investing in strategic technological developments, we continually strengthen our offering.

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The Research and Development Unit develops numerous partnerships with other industrial companies and with universities (Bordeaux, Clermont-Ferrand, etc.), engineering schools and research centers (CEA: leti).

The Icare Group has won 3 calls for tenders:

1. The EasyPOC project in collaboration with CEA leti


2. The regionalized PIA3, whose title is HumSkin 3DCELL in collaboration with Cherry Biotech.

3. A joint research laboratory (LabCom) program supported by the French National Research Agency (ANR) and the French Ministry of Research.



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Icare is represented on the UCA Research Council.

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