A 360° vision

Consulting is designed to boost operational efficiency, quality of results and regulatory compliance.

Thanks to our teams and our expertise, we guide you on a daily basis to inform you, train you and support you in mastering each dossier with a 360° vision in the evaluation of methods and equipment, the definition of protocols, and the analysis of the data generated to ensure their accuracy and reliability.

Our consultants also assist in interpreting applicable regulations and standards, such as Good Laboratory Practice (GLP ) and FDA guidelines, to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and quality standards.

Consulting in the field of laboratory validation and qualification consists of external expertise provided by specialized professionals to assist laboratories in the implementation, optimization and compliance of their validation and qualification processes.

  • Validation master plan
  • QC/QI/QO/QP protocol and report
  • Risk analysis
  • Project management assistance
  • Physical and microbiological testing

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