Our values


At the heart of all our projects

The client is at the heart of Icare’s values. The company therefore operates in a constant quest for excellence, satisfaction, ethics, solidarity and innovation to meet the client’s needs as fully as possible. Icare makes a commitment to its clients, seeing them as genuine partners.


Our vision of a quality partnership

The quest for client satisfaction is essential. It involves listening to requirements and meeting commitments made in terms of deadlines and quality of service.


Commitment, initiative and business intelligence

With a permanent goal of innovation, the Icare Group counts on constant openness to innovation and improvement of existing practices.

A team, collaboration, communication and respect

The Icare Group is made up of many departments and many units. Each employee performs different roles, but all serve the same company. The sense of a common goal predominates.

CSR, high standards and responsibility

At Icare, a sense of ethics is also seen as a pillar of the company. A high degree of responsibility and high standards are required in our company which constantly strives to improve in this field.

Service, adaptability, integrity and quality

Constantly striving for excellence is an ambitious ideal, but this is the clearly stated goal of our company. This excellence is based in particular on proven technical expertise. Each Icare employee guarantees the company’s excellence and rigor, particularly through compliance with required procedures.


CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) means taking into account of environmental, social, economic and ethical issues by companies in their activities.

Icare Group commits itself to this approach by :

  • Contributing to the health of all by providing our partners and their patients with a guarantee of the safety and quality of their healthcare products,
  • Respecting the environment by adopting everyday practices aimed at reducing our consumption and controlling our waste,
  • Developing a corporate policy attentive to workplace well-being and diversity,
  • Innovating to enhance patient health and safety. 
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