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With 30 years expérience, the Groupe ICARE stands out as a leader European CRO* in  international standardisation and regulation. We guide healthcare industry through the complex regulatory landscape, ensuring that every device and products is marketed in full compliance and safety.

Essais de laboratoire standards & Sur-mesure​

Our expertise covers a wide range of services critical to deliver the excellence and compliance of your products:

  • Biocompatibility & Toxicology: Rigorous assessment for safe use.
  • Validation & Qualification : Certified processes for proven performance.
  • Microbiology &  Contamination Control: Strict protocols for flawless microbiological integrity.
  • Quality & Regulatory Affairs: Constant monitoring for uncompromising compliance.
  • Training & Consulting : Shared expertise for perfect control.

Rely on the ICARE Group to navigate the regulatory and standards-related world of health products with confidence.

your business lines

picto Dispositifs Médicaux

Medical Device

picto jaune Produits Pharmaceutiques & Vétérinaires

Pharmaceutical & Vétérinary Specialities

picto jaune Chimie


Produits issus de la Biotech / Medtec

Therapeutic Innovation

Produits cosmétiques


Antiseptiques & Désinfectant

Antiseptics & Disinfectants

Equipementiers/ Constructeurs de salles propres

Equipment supplier & Clean room builders

Yours projects at the heart of our mission

Healthcare products follow a lifecycle which we fully control to guide you at every step and in all your procedures. From the concept to the monitoring of your production, our teams of experts provide you with appropriate solutions.

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2 sites in France - 1 site in Suisse - 1 site in Brésil


clients in 40 countries

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of which 3 500 sq.m of clean rooms

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