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The ICARE Group is an approved training center and offers training face-to-face on its premises or on site (depending on your needs) as well as online (remote training). 

Icare is an approved training center and certified Qualiopi.

Approval number: 83 63 02860 63

Certificat n°01790 Qualiopi


Quality certification was issued under the following category of actions: Training actions

Overall rating on training provided since 2022: 

  • Standard training: 8.7/10 
  • Specific/tailor-made training: 9.3/10


  • Contamination control training and awareness
  • Training in design, qualification and operation of clean rooms (as per NF EN ISO14644)
  • Training in risk analyses, monitoring plans and trend analyses for clean rooms (as per standard NF EN17141)
  • Practical training in microbiological and particle sampling and qualification tests for clean rooms (as per ISO14644, EN17141)
  • Practical training in sampling on noble gas networks (Air, nitrogen,etc.) (as per NF EN ISO8573)
  • Training in thermal sterilization processes (Autoclaves, Ovens, Tunnels, SIP) and Validation of processes (as per BPF, NF EN ISO17665, NF EN ISO20857)
  • Training in good practices and standards (as per GMP, BPF, FDA, etc.)
  • Training linked to the use of a room monitoring technique or equipment (as per ISO14644)
  • Training in good working practices in clean rooms (as per BPF, NF EN ISO14644-5)
  • Training in Ethylene Oxide sterilization (as per standard NF EN ISO 11135)
  • Training in radiation sterilization (as per standard NF EN ISO 11137)
  • Training in steam sterilization (as per standard NF EN ISO17665)
  • Induction Training in validation of cleaning (as per standard NF EN ISO 19227)
  • Induction Training in validation of sealing processes (as per standard NF EN ISO 11607)
  • Training in Qualification of equipment and Validation of processes
  • Training in laboratory testing (Sterility test, Endotoxins, TOC, microbiological controls, Bioburden, etc.)
  • Training in the basics of biocompatibility (Risk management plan, characterization of materials, chemical techniques, biological & toxicological evaluation tests), how to interact with CROs, etc.

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