Innovation is the watchword of Icare’s Research &Development Unit.

Icare is a proactive company ready to face up to societal and scientific changes. With the development of the Research & Development Unit, the Group aims for continuous improvement in order to meet the expectations of its clients and society as fully as possible by improving its processes and renewing its products and services.

The scientific basis provided by innovation is one of the keys to sustainability for Icare. Anticipating changes, proposing alternative methods, providing advice and guiding our clients in the development of new products: these are the challenges which are at the heart of the unit’s action.

The Icare  Research & Development Unit allows our clients to benefit in particular from :

  • expertise in cell, skin and bone biology
  • scientific expertise in molecular biology
  • international expertise
  • R&D culture with European contracts
  • human cell culture models : hard tissues (osteoblasts, osteogenic bone marrow cells and healthy and arthritic chondrocytes, etc.) and soft tissues (fibroblasts, keratinocytes, human melanocytes or cell lines, RhE, adipocytes)
  • routine premises and equipment
  • expertise in biocompatibility & toxicology
  • surgical skills for custom implantation studies
  • ability to use efficacy assessment and pharmacological models

The Research and Development Unit develops numerous partnerships with other industrial companies and with universities (Bordeaux, Clermont-Ferrand, etc.), engineering schools and research centers (CEA: leti).

The Icare Group has won 2 calls for tenders:

1. The EasyPOC project in collaboration with CEA leti


2. The regionalized PIA3, whose title is HumSkin 3DCELL


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Icare is represented on the UCA Research Council.

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